Academic Coaching

An academic coach helps a student develop strategies that lead to more success in class. Different than a tutor, an academic coach will work regularly with a student to improve study habits and create a healthy balance between school and life.

Make an appointment

Academic coaching is available in person or via Teams. Appointments are with our Learning Support Specialist, Candace Bailey Combs. Sign up for a 30 min appointment by selecting the Learning Support or ESL option using the links below.

Academic coaches help students with effective strategies and study techniques.

What to expect in an academic coaching session

In a new session with an academic coach, expect to answer a few questions about your interests and needs. An academic coach will help you identify goals and set a timeline for achieving them. You’ll discuss accountability and how you can stay committed to your plan. This is often when you can set future appointments or schedule a check in via text or email. 

With goals identified, you can design your week and schedule time to accomplish tasks. Your academic coach will ask questions to help you prioritize your schedule and balance healthy habits with the demands of your classes. Coaching sessions end with a summary of what’s been discussed and an action plan for getting started on your work.

How to prepare for an academic coaching session

Mark your appointment time and set a reminder. Plan to arrive on time. Gather your materials and keep them easily accessible. Make sure you have your calendar, assignments, and notes handy. It’s also helpful to have a copy of your syllabus, so you can work with your coach to look ahead to future tasks. Think about what you’d like to achieve and expect questions that will help you identify and plan for your goals. Bring your notebook or a phone to take notes and mark your calendar.